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Copaiba Softgels


pakalolo ? marijuana ? MJ ? weed ? killahz ? Dutch ? or whatever u wanna call it ?....... If there should be a softgel that everybody should take everyday, it would be these Copaiba Softgels. I?ve always talked about Copaiba Oil as it has the same healing benefits as PAKALOLO BUT WITHOUT THE PSYCHOACTIVE & Hallucinogen effect becuz it contains absolutely no THC. So much safer becuz it contains no carcinogens as pakalolo does ????? Copaiba in its natural form has a way of healing every single system in our bodies ?? from respiratory issues, immunal support, digestive support & cardiovascular support, this oil and now in a convenient softgel since early last year can do amazing things. It?s the only oil of its kind. A must try ?? If u experience any of the following: Chronic inflammation ? stiff joints ? muscle aches and pain ? Sinusitis - sore throat ? bacterial infections ? tummy issues ? skin issues ? anxiety issues ? Available at Haleola Essentials and just for today and tomorrow, I will be offering a 5% discount on Copaiba Softgels ?

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