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Travel Size Must Haves Special*


Have the top 4 blends recommended in every home at a special prices while supplies last. You may also purchase these mini travel size 5ml oil blends individually. This Must Have Special Includes: Tummy & Heartburn Relief Blend Cold & Flu Bomb Blend Allergy Relief Blend Sleep Blend COLD & FLU BOMB BLEND ? ? USES/PURPOSE: Quickly & efficiently reduce & minimize cold & flu symptoms, boost your immune system, help you to recover quickly or use daily for preventative measures while decreasing your chances of getting sick. ? DIRECTIONS for prevention use: Apply daily twice a day under your feet and down your spine. Consistency is important. Great for use on keiki before they go to school and before bedtime. ?DIRECTIONS for sickness: Apply 2-4 times a day under feet & down the spine. Combine with On Guard Beadlets and/or On Guard Drops for an Evernote more effective natural healing remedy!! ? Pairs nicely with the Cough and/or asthma Blend Minimize or discontinue application if skin irritation occurs. TUMMY & HEARTBURN RELIEF BLEND ? ? USES/PURPOSE: Relieve all digestion/tummy issues including, but not limited to: nausea, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea & gas. RELIEVE HEARTBURN & ACID REFLUX quickly. ? DIRECTIONS: Apply directly over tummy for all tummy issues. Apply directly over chest for heartburn symptoms. Apply directly over neck/throat for acid reflux symptoms. Repeat as needed or repeat application every 30 minutes until symptoms subside. Minimize or discontinue application if skin irritation occurs. ALLERGY RELIEF BLEND ? ? USES/PURPOSE: Relieve & minimize allergy symptoms including itchy watery eyes, itchy throat, runny nose, sneezing, etc. ? DIRECTIONS for prevention use: Apply behind the ears, down the mucous drain (neck) & behind the neck twice a day and as needed for 14 consecutive days. Consistency is important. Continue once a day thereafter until no longer needed. ?DIRECTIONS for occasional allergic reactions or allergy symptoms: Apply behind the ears, down the mucous drain (neck) & behind the neck as needed. Apply on the bridge of the nose for runny nose. Apply on the hairline near the eye area for itchy watery eyes. Do NOT get oils in the eye or too close to the eye. Minimize or discontinue application if skin irritation occurs. SLEEP BLEND BLEND ? ? USES/PURPOSE: Enjoy a better nights rest, sleep better, relax after a long day & minimize stress. ? DIRECTIONS: Apply over chest and under feet before bedtime. Or apply over chest and over wrists to alleviate feelings of tension or stress. SHOP OIL BLENDS, DIFFUSERS, DIFFUSER JEWELRY & MORE in my Online Boutique: https://www.haleolaessentials.com/ If you?re interested in wholesale prices, FREE oils, personal recipes & direct guidance & support, click on my link to JOIN MY HALEOLA ESSENTIALS TEAM: http://www.mydoterra.com/janasasada *all recommendations are suggestions. *seek doctor advice before use. *i am not a licensed health provider.

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